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All Shipping Solutions Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) subscribers are entitled to:

  • Free updates to their Shipping Solutions software.
  • Toll-free technical support.

In addition, Shipping Solutions Professional AMP subscribers get free access to the Export Compliance Module, which includes:

  • Restricted party screening – Various government agencies maintain lists of people, organizations, and countries to which it is illegal to export for one or more reasons. Screening your exports against these lists can protect your company from fines, fees and even restrictions on exporting!
  • Export license determination – Shipping Solutions allows you to screen your products based on their Export Control Number (ECN) to determine if any licenses or license exceptions are needed to ship your goods.
  • Country document determination – Shipping Solutions automatically determines which documents are necessary for every shipment to help you ensure that you are complying with export and import regulations.

If you don't have a current AMP subscription or have forgotten your AMP number, contact Shipping Solutions at (888) 890-7447 or by email at