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Ticket # 1014
Date: 3/20/2017
Time: 1:39:54 PM

Set default for Commercial Phrase on Documents

Is it possible to set the Commercial Phrase on the Commercial Invoice to a default phrase. 95% of the time we use the Destination Control Statement and would like that to be the default when the Commercial Invoice is opened. 
Problem Type: Other
Version Number: Pro 9.0 & Classic 8.0
Status: Open
Solution: There is not a way to set a default phrase at this time. One way to work around this would be to create a shipment to be used as a template. Select everything that is the same on each shipment, including the phrase. Then, when creating a new shipment, instead of clicking New, go to the template shipment and click Copy. Give me a call if you have questions: 651-905-1727