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Ticket # 1028
Date: 7/13/2017
Time: 12:23:24 PM

Trial version-valid database

I`ve installed the trial version of  
the software and no matter what tab i  
click such as EZ Start or even the  
login button, I am prompted with a  
connection message that reads `You do  
not have a valid database connection  
to ssdata_az`.  
Please email any instructions to fix  
this issue. I have Symantec Endpoint  
Protection version 14.0 MP1 build  
2332. Not sure if this is the cause of  
the issue.
Problem Type: Databases
Version Number: Pro 9.0
Status: Open
Solution: The Shipping Solutions trial using the cloud database has

the following requirements:

• The firewall port 1433 must be open for TCP via

an outbound rule.

• The domain must be accessible.

The connection trying to be made is to: on port 1433 via TCP