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Ticket # 1055
Date: 6/7/2018
Time: 11:19:59 AM

TAX ID length to short on commercial invoice

We have recently noticed that  
the the Tax ID number that  
prints on the commercial  
invoice is getting cut off at 17  
characters. With some recent  
shipments for China we need  
this to be 18 characters. Are  
there any settings to change  
this to 18 or is that a system  
Problem Type: Export Forms
Version Number: Pro 9.0
Status: Closed
Solution: There is not a setting to enlarge the Tax ID number size

on the Commercial Invoice. I can add it to our list for

possible future enhancements. I was able to get 18

characters if I don’t use any dashes. However, it will

depend on what numbers are used as to how much will fit.

If you need to you can add it to the special instructions

on the invoice.