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Ticket # 1111
Date: 12/18/2019
Time: 8:25:30 PM


Is there a way to remove the  
field on the Proforma Invoice  
for the `Title` and even more  
importantly the `Authorized  
Signature`? We send Proforma  
Invoices with our wire transfer  
account information, but do not  
want the signature on the  
Proforma invoice to prevent  
fraudulent uses of the name  
tied to the wire transfer  
account. We do want to keep  
the standard signature on all  
other documents including the  
`Commercial Invoice`. Both of  
these are done one the same  
Problem Type: Other
Version Number: Pro 9.0 & Classic 8.0
Status: Closed
Solution: You are correct that the Proforma and Commercial Invoice

use the same signature, and if you remove it for one, it

will remove it for the other. I would suggest removing it

on the EZ Start-Invoices screen, printing your Proforma

Invoice, and then adding the signature back.