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Ticket # 1136
Date: 7/17/2020
Time: 12:02:28 PM


In PRO version 9.15 to get text  
to show in the `Transportation  
Reference Number` field on the  
NCBFAA SLI form number we  
would enter the data in the  
`booking number` field in the  
`Ocean Bol/Dock Rcpt` screen  
and it would then populate  
`Transportation Reference  
Number` field on the NCBFAA  
SLI form. But now it is not  
populating - where do we need  
to put the text for it to show on  
that field on the form.
Problem Type: Export Forms
Version Number: Pro 9.0 & Classic 8.0
Status: Closed
Solution: You also need to select your Mode of Transport on the EZ

Start-Carriers & Ports screen. In your case you would want

to choose Vessel or Vessel-Containerized.