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Ticket # 114
Date: 2/10/2004
Time: 11:43:08 AM


I am trying to figure out how to use your custom invoice as a replacement to ours. Right now I am running into a problem with the phrases. I see on page 20 it says to cut and paste. I have tried two different ways of doing this. One from the phrase database, and then I set up our phrases on a word document. I could not get it to work either way. Figured I would ask you to be my second set of eyes, what I am I missing. Or is there another area you could point me to that will take the cut and paste so all of our notes will show on the invoice. 
Problem Type: Export Forms
Version Number: Pro 7.X & Classic 6.X
Status: Closed
Solution: If you go to the EZ Start Screens in Shipping Solutions, you will see that many of the documents have one or two places to enter in additional information or statements that you want to appear on those forms. These sections are either called "Phrases" or "Special Instructions".

For the Commercial and Proforma Invoices, you have the option to enter in information in both of these spots. If you go to either the Proforma Invoice or Commercial Invoice screen in EZ Start, you will see labeled Phrases or Special Instructions. You can simply type in a statement or a phrase in either or both boxes and it will automatically appear in the appropriate spot on the respective forms.

While you can use either field to enter in whatever information you want, we recommend that you use the "Phrases" field to enter in the Department of Commerce Anti-Diversion Clause (or the proper State Department phrase if you are shipping under a State Department license).

The Phrases field limits you to 255 characters; the Special Instructions field allows you to enter up to 25,000 characters and therefore will handle much longer phrases.

To save you the hassle of retyping in certain phrases or statements that you otherwise would have to type every time you prepare a new set of export documents, we have created a Phrases Database that allows you to enter in those regular phrases and statements just one time.

Go to the Databases Menu and click on Phrases. You'll see that we have preloaded two common phrases into the database: the Dept. of Commerce Anti-Diversion Clause and a generic Chamber of Commerce statement clarifying that your goods are made in the U.S. (You can modify or delete either of these statements, if you'd like.)

To add new statements to the Phrases Databases, just click on the New button, give your statement a title, and then type in the statement into the large Phrase Text field. You can combine several statements into one record if you commonly use more than one statement at a time.

Once you've added a phrase or phrases to the Phrases Database, you can now select these phrases from a drop-down menu on the EZ Start Screen. To select a phrase, just click on the drop-down arrow next to the Phrases or Special Instruction field and click on the phrase you wish to select. It will then automatically fill in on the EZ Start Screen AND on the paper form when you print it out.