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Ticket # 131
Date: 5/12/2004
Time: 11:24:21 AM

Shippers Letter of Instruction Detail

Is there a way to alter the Shippers Letter of Instruction to include the Rates column on the end beside the Measuresments. Generally speaking, is there any way to alter the format of a report/form.
Problem Type: Reports
Version Number: Pro 7.X & Classic 6.X
Status: Closed
Solution: Other than allowing you to change the titles of certain documents and certain fields on those documents, Shipping Solutions does not allow you to change the format of the export documents.

We have created each of the forms to meet either the legal requirements for that form (such as the SED and NAFTA Certificate) or a widely used version of the form. If you would like a non-regulated document in another format, we can customize any of the forms for you as long as you are using the latest version of Shipping Solutions Professional.