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Ticket # 140
Date: 6/11/2004
Time: 3:10:15 PM

SED trying to print on 8 1/2

When trying to print the SED,it appears to be trying to print on 8 1/2` by 14` paper. How do I change to 8 1/2` by 11`?
Problem Type: Printing
Version Number: Pro 7.X & Classic 6.X
Status: Closed
Solution: The default setting for all the export forms are set to print on 8-1/2" x 11" paper.

You can change these settings by clicking on the Page Setup link in the upper-left corner of the Shipping Solutions screen. This will open a "Change Report Print Options" window.

Once the window is open, select the form for which you would like to modify the print options. In this case, select the Shipper's Export Declaration. Once you've selected the form, it will display the default printer for this form and the default margins in twips.

The default settings should be:

Top - 576

Bottom - 792

Left - 576

Right - 576

Click on the Save These Settings button if you change any of the margins and then click close. This should solve your problem.