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Ticket # 154
Date: 9/9/2004
Time: 4:05:03 PM

Bill to name and address not printing

The bill to name and address is not printing on our invoice or packing slips when they print out it says sold to not bill to did we change something and not know it.
Problem Type: Printing
Version Number: Pro 7.X & Classic 6.X
Status: Closed
Solution: The Ship To address and Bill To address are two different databases and appear in two different spots on the Commercial and Proforma Invoices. In addition, you have the option of whether you want to display the Intermediate Consignee or the Bill To address on the Commercial and Proforma Invoices.

If you go to the Proforma Invoice or Commercial screen in EZ Start, the first field you'll find on these screens is title "Show Intermediate Consignee as:". Click on the drop-down arrow to choose to display either the intermediate consignee or the bill to address. (By default, the software will display the intermediate consignee.)

If you choose the intermediate consignee, the address that was entered into the Intermediate Consignee field on the Contacts screen will display on your invoice. If you choose bill to, the Bill To field on the Contacts screen will display on the invoice.

If you are going to want to display the Bill To field on this screen, you will then need to click on the Customize button on the Commercial Invoice screen. This will display your Commercial Invoice Preferences. Go to the section marked Field Titles and scroll down until you find the line with Intermediate Consignee. Delete "Intermediate Consignee" and type in "Bill To" or Bill To Address" or whatever you want to appear on your invoice. This will be your new default setting for your commercial invoice until you go into the Customize screen and change it to something else.

The Packing List is designed to only show the Ship To address, since the packing list usually accompanies the goods to the point of ultimate destination.