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Ticket # 184
Date: 12/7/2004
Time: 9:52:41 AM

Consolidated Documents

When I combine orders does it not list on the Commercial Invoice or somewhere the multiple Invoice numbers, customer purchase order no`s, etc,, ? 
Also, when I am in loading containers it does not seem to remove items as selected.
Problem Type: Databases
Version Number: Pro 7.X
Status: Closed
Solution: When you use the Consolidation Utility in Shipping Solutions Professional, you must first select a master shipment record. All the header information for this record is used for the consolidated set of shipping documents. If you want to include multiple invoice numbers, purchase order numbers, or anything else, you have to enter it into this master shipment record in the main part of the program.

The packing list screen works exactly the same way in the Consolidation Utility as it does in the main part of the program except it lists all the products from all the shipment records that you've combined together. To load a container or package, click on the product line item you want to load, enter the quantity you wish to pack, and then click on the Add Item button. This will move that number of items from the Unpacked Items list to the Packed Items list. You can then repeat this as many times as necessary for each container or package.