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Ticket # 191
Date: 1/4/2005
Time: 1:32:56 PM

No product database

There is no information in the product database. It has erased it from current and past shipments, and furthermore it no longer exists in the main database. How can I recover the data?
Problem Type: Databases
Version Number: Pro 7.X
Status: Closed
Solution: If your Shipping Solutions database no longer contains any data, there is only two things that could have happened:

(1) Someone went in and purposefully deleted all the records, or

(2) You are no longer connected to your main database file.

If you have just upgraded your Shipping Solutions software, it is likely that you are no longer connected to the data file (ssdata.mdb) that is being stored in a shared network folder. Whenever you install an update to the software, the program reconnects you to the default directory for your data file that is on your local PC.

You can reconnect to the data file on your network by:

(1) Click on the Tools Menu. This will take you to the Set Database Path screen.

(2) Click on the Locate button on the screen and navigate through the navigation windows until you find the location of your network folder.

(3) Click on the file ssdata.mdb so it is highlighted, and then click on the Open button. This will return you to the Set Database Path screen.

(4) Click on the Reattach to Database button. It may take a minute or two, but once you have successfully attached to your database, a "Tables Successfully Re-Attached" window will appear. Click OK.

If you go to either the Database Menu or the EZ Start Screens, you should see all your previous data.