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Ticket # 201
Date: 4/11/2005
Time: 12:42:19 PM


I am trying to print a packing list. I get an error window that pops up: Microsoft Access: error printing the openreport action was cancelled. 
Can you please help? all of the other reports print fine. 
Problem Type: Printing
Version Number: Classic 6.X
Status: Closed
Solution: There are two potential causes for this error message when printing the Packing List:

1) You must be sure to enter a number in the "Container/Package Number" field at the top of the Packing List screen for every container or package you create.

2) Make sure all 8 weight and measurement fields located below the "Container/Package Description" field on the Packing List screen are filled in with a number, even if that number is zero ("0").