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Ticket # 241
Date: 11/8/2005
Time: 1:42:48 PM

Error Installing Shipping Solutions Upgrade

After downloading and installing a Shipping Solutions Professional upgrade from the Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) website, I get the following error message when I try to restart Shipping Solutions Professional: 
Microsoft Access cannot open this file. 
This file is located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site. Shipping Solutions will not open the file due to potential security problems. 
To open the file, copy it to your computer or an accessible network location.
Problem Type: Other
Version Number: Pro 7.X
Status: Closed
Solution: CAUSE

Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes an enhanced internet security feature that blocks certain websites that uses an IP address in the web address. The AMP website uses an IP address to verify AMP User Names and Passwords before admitting users to the site.


To work around this behavior, you must add the Shipping Solutions domain name to your Local Intranet Sites dialog box:

1. In Internet Explorer, click "Tools," and then click "Internet Options."

2. On the "Security" tab, click "Local intranet," and then click "Sites."

3. Click "Advanced," and then type: * in the "Add this Web site to the zone" box.

4. Click "Add," click "OK," and then click "OK" again to close the "Internet Options" dialog box.

5. Restart the Computer.

6. Log back into the AMP website and Save the update file to your hard drive. Follow the installation instructions on the web page to reinstall the update.

You should now be able to start up and use the updated version of Shipping Solutions Professional.