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Ticket # 349
Date: 3/18/2008
Time: 8:40:57 AM

Rounding Issues in Shipping Solutions

When I enter a piece price, the piece price will round and the rounded piece price will show on the paperwork. However, the total price of that piece price will show the original total, W/O the rounding. Example: piece price is entered as 0.615, but on the paperwork it will round to 0.62. However, the total $ for this line will use the calculation of 0.615 for the total. So, the total is correct for each line, but the piece price may be a 1/2 cent more. Is there a way to adjust the rounding feature in Shipping Solutions? (or turn it off)
Problem Type: Export Forms
Version Number: Pro 7.X & Classic 6.X
Status: Closed
Solution: You just need to change the number of unit price digits that display. For example, on the EZ Start go to the Commercial Invoice screen. Click the customize button and change the unit price digits to 3. Now three digits will display on the Commercial Invoice. I don’t know which forms you are using, but most have a customize button on the EZ Start screen. Let me know if you have further questions. Thank you for using Shipping Solutions.