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Ticket # 59
Date: 6/30/2003
Time: 11:31:51 AM


Hello! When working with VEDP and they recommended this software, one recommendation that was made to us, and we were told this option was available in the software. Was instead of printing our description on the nafta, that we use the Schedule B HTS Code Decription. As of yet, I have not found the option that would allow this to be done. Also, are you all in the process of making this software so that when putting in the appropriate HTS code the description automatically pulls to the Description section. If this software had that capability it would be much better instead of having to type it in. Let me know as soon as possible I am trying to get this set up for use. Thanks.
Problem Type: Databases
Version Number: Pro 7.X & Classic 6.X
Status: Closed
Solution: Shipping Solutions allows you to store two different product descriptions: (1) your company description that will appear on the invoices and other forms such as the NAFTA Certificate of Origin, and (2) an SED description that allows you to store the Schedule B or HTS Code description.

The product description that appears on the NAFTA Certificate will match the description you enter in the main Product Description field, which also appears on the proforma and commercial invoices.

Shipping Solutions allows you to store both descriptions in the Product Database so that you don't have to type in either or both descriptions when you select a product on the EZ Start Screen. However, the software doesn't automatically enter a Schedule B or HTS Code description from either source.