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Ticket # 75
Date: 8/6/2003
Time: 12:26:55 PM

Canada Customs Invoice

We`re trying to set up the Canada Customs Invoice form to reflect the information we currently type on carbon paper forms. Input from various customs brokers, customers, and forwarders has us include the freight terms, carrier name, custom`s broker name, and H.S number in the #8 space on the form. Is there a way to accomplish this available to us? 
We`re also having difficulty entering the full 10 digit H.S number. 
Problem Type: Export Forms
Version Number: Pro 7.X & Classic 6.X
Status: Closed
Solution: Shipping Solutions automatically inserts the mode of transport and place of delivery in field #8, as is specified in the Canada Customs Invoice Instructions. Unfortunately, there is not room to put this additional information into this field.

Here’s what I’d suggest: After entering in your last product in the Product Info screen, click on the Add a Product button and insert this additional information into the Product Description field and leave everything else blank. This additional information will then appear in the body of the form. I will make a note for our development team to consider adding an additional information field for this type of information to appear in field #8 in a future release of the software.

On which form are you having difficulty entering the full 10-digit H.S. number? The Canada Customs Invoice doesn’t have a specific field for inputting this text since the H.S. number that appears on this form must be the Canadian 10-digit number, not the U.S. number. And the number is not required for all line items, but just for the line item of the greatest value or for the line item that best represents the contents of the entire shipment. Again, I would enter the Canadian H.S. number in the appropriate product description field.

If you wish to display the full 10-digt H.S. number on one of the other forms that currently displays the Schedule B or H.S. number, simply go to that particular screen on EZ Start and click on the Customize button. The customize button allows you to change the number of digits that is displayed on that particular form.