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Ticket # 767
Date: 5/14/2009
Time: 10:11:59 AM

SED questions

1) We need to use a unit of measure of either box, carton, or pack but we don`t see that in the pull-down list of units of measure under the SED. Is there a way to add those values to that pulldown list? 
2) Also, when printing the paper SED, the date at the bottom of the form is blank even though the export date has a value. Where does it pull this date from?
Problem Type: Email
Version Number: Pro 7.X
Status: Closed
Solution: When completing your AES filing, there are specific units of measure that are dictated by the Schedule B number of your product. Therefore, you cannot add more units of measure in the SED information section because they would not be valid.

The date field is blank because when the paper SED was in use, the signer also had to fill in the date the SED was signed manually. However, the paper SED is no longer used and all companies must file through AESDirect. This can be done in Shipping Solutions by clicking the AES button at the top of EZ Start.