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Ticket # 785
Date: 8/28/2009
Time: 3:47:51 PM

SED not changing with record

About 3 months ago, we were able to create multiple export document sets during one session, meaning I would create documents for ABC Co and print them and the create DEF Co and print them and GHI Co and print them. No problem, then one day I entered documents for ABC Co and printed and then DEF Co and printed,and the SED Documents that printed for DEF were actually ABC`s. The quick fix was to close shipping solutions out and go back in to prevent this; is there something else going on? 
Problem Type: Printing
Version Number: Pro 7.X
Status: Closed
Solution: It's possible that some of the records in your database have gotten corrupted. You can try the "optimize database" feature, which will compact and repair your database. To do this, make sure your database is in the default directory, which is c:\programfiles\ssprofessional\database\ssdata.mdb. Then go to the start button in the lower left corner of your computer and choose All Programs, Shipping Solutions, and Optimize Database. You can then return your database to its previous location. Be sure to back-up your database before trying the "Optimize Database" feature.

You will also want to make sure you are always creating a new shipment with the "add new shipment" button or the "copy" button at the top of EZ Start. If you use the copy feature a lot, it is best to copy the copy rather than copying the original over and over.

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