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Ticket # 876
Date: 12/3/2012
Time: 3:49:11 PM

Country of Origin not displaying

Some customers have found that their country of origin is not populating on the Commercial Invoice even though they have a country of origin selected for that product in the Product Database. This can occur if your product does not have both the full name and two digit code of the country. It most likely happens when importing your data, using the DXM, or for data converted from a previous version.
Problem Type: Databases
Version Number: Pro 9.0 & Classic 8.0
Status: Closed
Solution: If you have version 8.02 or 9.02 (or subsequent versions), go the the Product Database and click the Update Country Names button in the lower right corner. If you do not have version 8.02 or 9.02 (or subsequent versions), you can solve the issue by re-selecting the country code from the drop-down list in the Product Database for each product exhibiting the problem.