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Ticket # 912
Date: 8/29/2013
Time: 2:03:40 PM

Default values on new shipment

Is it possible to set default values on new shipments? That is, whether I create a new shipment manually or if I import one or more shipments with the integration utility and don`t specify the value, can I make fields default to a specified value? 
This question applies to both static and drop-down fields. For instance, our `Point or State of Origin` will be the same for every shipment so I`d like a default value, and I`d like a default for the IncoTerm Year on its drop-down. I`d also like to set a default for the NAFTA `Select Database For List` and `Certified By` and have the rest of the contact information populate from the selection in the drop-down.
Problem Type: EZ Start
Version Number: Pro 7.X
Status: Closed
Solution: There is not a way to set default values when creating a shipment manually in Shipping Solutions. However, if you are using the DXM you could insert default values when you create your text files. As the file is created you would make certain fields equal to the default value. This is outside of Shipping Solutions before you bring the records in via the DXM.