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Ticket # 913
Date: 9/5/2013
Time: 9:48:16 AM

Mapping screen unable to see some network drives

I installed Pro 9.05 on two machines  
this morning. Only difference from my  
previous 9.05 installations are these  
have SS Pro 7.40 installed, plus dual  
monitors. These computers have 9 drives  
mapped, but when I click `Locate Header  
File`, it only shows C: and R:. If I  
enter a file path on the H: drive, it  
says `Drive H: does not exist. Check the  
drive and try again.` The drive is  
visible outside SS. The OS is Windows 7.
Problem Type: Integration Utility
Version Number: Pro 9.0
Status: In Progress
Solution: When you are in the 'Locate Header File' dialog, right click

on My Computer and select Map a network drive... Map the

drive to the same letter as when you view under explorer.

The mapped drive should show up in all future sessions.

This has to do with the credentials mapped when in Shipping

Solutions vs when mapping a drive in explorer.