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Ticket # 968
Date: 7/23/2015
Time: 3:51:55 PM

SLI NCBFAA/SED Format:2nd Page has lines over text

When the SLI in NCBFAA or  
SED format goes onto multiple  
pages, it will extend the lines  
from field 20 Schedule B  
Description of Commodities  
(lines between 21-26) down the  
page, over the top of text that  
has been entered into the SLI  
Special Instructions section.
Problem Type: Printing
Version Number: Pro 9.0 & Classic 8.0
Status: Closed
Solution: This problem only occurs when there are just enough line items to push the special instructions to a second page but not enough line items for any to print on the second page. The issue will be addressed in a future version of Shipping Solutions, probably 9.10.